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Expert Appraisers of Georgia


Northwest GA





Professional Service

With the ever changing real estate market and the business of real estate appraisals, these two expert appraisers approached Tracy Slack and Associates to create a professional website and marketing plan to take thier business into the future. Home Appraisals are not just for mortgage lending any more. There are all sorts of reasons a home owner may need an appriaser. The team of designers and marketers with Tracy Slack and Associates developed a website complete with a searchable F&Q to help home owners determine when they would need a professioanl appraisal. 

The marketing team put together a direct mail program to reach out to areas of recent appraisal activity and to past appraisal recipients to keep their names in the forefront. Other marketing plans to reach other professionals are still in the works. Stay tuned for more information to come.

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